Terms & Conditions

Saalburg Beach GmbH & Co. KG (May 2021)
incl. regulations for guests at Saalburg Beach
  1. Saalburg Beach GmbH & Co.KG, represented by BRT Saalburg Beach GmbH, hereinafter referred to “SB”, represented by the managing directors Sabine and Enrico Tietze, provides services at the Saalburg Beach – a beach area, parking space and day parking lot at the Bleilochtalsperre for both day and holiday guests to relax directly on the beach and in the middle of the green heart of Germany and to explore the sights of the surrounding region. The grounds of Saalburg Beach are accessible free of charge for pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. The general terms and conditions as well as the regulations of use (GTC & bahviour regulations) apply equally to all guests of Saalburg Beach. The “special regulations for van and caravan pitches” as well as the “special regulations for our parking space” apply in addition only to guests who use van and caravan pitches or parking space.
  3. For day visitors travelling by car, the designated parking space is provided exclusively. For camper and caravan guests – overnight as well as day guests – only the designated pitch is intended.
Terms of use & behaviour regulations
  1. Access to Saalburg Beach is free for pedestrians and cyclists. Cyclist should dismount from bikes while on the beach area and parke their bikes in the designated area. The areas of the car park are intended exclusively for cars and motorcycles. Campers and caravans may only be parked on the pitches, regardless of whether an overnight stay or just a day trip is planned.
  2. Day guests arriving by car as well as camper and caravan guests pay the corresponding, respectively valid parking space or parking fees on arrival at the reception. The issued parking ticket must be placed clearly visible in the area of the front window. On the entire site of the parking and van/caravan pitches, the usual terms of traffic regulations applie accordingly.
  3. From 10 p.m., noise must be avoided and music can only be played at low volume.
  4. Dixi toilets are available to all guests of Saalburg Beach. The sanitary facilities – toilets and showers – are part of our pitch services and are available exclusively to the pitch guests (against a fee). Please leave toilets and showers as you would like to find them yourself.
  5. On the entire area of Saalburg Beach (parking space, pitches and beach area) campfires / open fires of all kinds are not allowed. The use of barbeque grills or gas grills is permitted, provided that they comply with the applicable technical standards. Ash and charcoal residues must be properly disposed of in the metal boxes provided for this purpose. It is expressly forbidden to dispose or otherwise bury charcoal residues and ashes on the beach or on the premises. Other garbage / waste must be properly disposed of in the containers provided for this purpose.
  6. Camping with a tent is prohibited on the entire area of Saalburg Beach. Allowed are awnings for caravans and campers as well as beach and sun protection tents for daily use.
  7. We (or persons commissioned by us ) frequentlyr create photo and film recordings of Saalburg Beach for advertising purposes in order to show the story and beach atmosphere of the Thuringian Sea, especially via various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram. Our guests can also be photographed and/or filmed. Your right to your own image, unless you can be seen in portraits, our advertising interests get prioritized, with the result that we are entitled to process such image recordings, in particular to store them and, among other things, to make them publicly accessible via the Internet. Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR.
  8. You are liable for damage caused by your vehicle and/or equipment – e.g. barbecue, sports equipment, boats or similar.
  9. We shall only be liable for damages caused by us or our employees in the event of intentional or grossly negligent action/conduct.
  10. If we have payment claims against you, you can only offset them against recognized or judicially established claims. In the event of a violation of our terms and behaviour regulations, in particular the regulations of sections 3 and 5, we reserve the right to expel you from the place. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of any paid fees.
C Special regulations for our parking space
  1. The parking space – designated as such – is only available to day visitors who arrive by car or motorcycle for a day trip. The car park may not be used for overnight purposes.
  2. The parking space is open from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm. The parking space is not monitored by our security staff.
  3. The parking fee is paid on arrival, but at the latest as soon as the reception is open (10 am). By paying the parking fee, you are entitled to park your car/motorcycle in the parking space during opening hours. If you use the parking space outside opening hours, we reserve the right to claim an increased parking fee. The applicable rates can be found on the fee list posted at our reception, also available on www.saalburg-beach.de/gebuehren/.
D Special regulations for van and caravan pitches
  1. The pitch is only available for day and overnight guests arriving with a caravan and/or camper, as well as guests who intend to stay overnight in their vehicle. Camping is prohibited on the pitch – the use of awnings for caravans and/or campers is allowed.
  2. Check-in is possible until 7 pm. Camper-fees are paid for each vehicle on arrival for the entire duration of the planned stay and entitle you to use the pitch until 12 pm of the following day or the last day of the booking period. We accept cash payment as well as credit and debit cards. The amount of the currently valid fees as well as the public visitor’s tax can be found in the fee list, which is displayed at the reception or can be accessed on www.saalburg-beach.de/prices. All persons over the age of 16 are considered adults within the meaning of these regulations.
  3. Electricity and water can be booked separately. The fees provided for this purpose can be found in the fee list, also available on www.saalburg-beach.de/prices/. The sanitary facilities – toilets and showers – are part of our pitch services and are only available to pitch guests. A sanitary chip is required for the use of the sanitary facilities. You will receive this against a deposit and your personal information at the reception. The amount of the deposit can be found in the current fee list.
  4. You can book or reserve your pitch in advance by telephone, e-mail or through our booking system on our website. Please note that neither the reservation nor the booking guarantees a right to a specific place, but only the right to use a random pitch on our premises.
  5. A reservation only becomes valid if we confirm the reservation directly by e-mail.
  6. If you not only reserve your pitch in advance, but also want to book it bindingly:
    In the case of a booking made by telephone, by e-mail or via our booking system, the pitch contract is concluded with our booking confirmation, which is explained at least in text form, preferably by e-mail. Please note that the “confirmation email” that we send you when using our booking system at www.saalburg-beach.de/bookyourpitch will only confirm the receipt of your booking, but no booking contract has yet been concluded.
  7. As a consumer, you have a statutory right of withdrawal in the event that you book the pitch by telephone, e-mail or via our booking system (www.saalburg-beach.de).
    The revocation period is fourteen days from the date of conclusion of the contract. In order to use your right of withdrawal, you must inform us (Saalburg Beach GmbH& Co. KG, Wetteraweg 2, 07929 Saalburg-Ebersdorf, represented by BRT Saalburg Beach GmbH, Philosophenweg 9, 07743 Jena, represented by the managing directors Sabine Tietze and Enrico Tietze) by a clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail) about your decision to revoke this contract. To comply with the revocation period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the use of the right of revocation before the expiry of the revocation period.
    Consequences of revocation
    If you withdraw from this contract, we must repay you all payments that we have received from you immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which we received the notification of your revocation of this contract. For this refund, we will use the same method of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; in no case you will be charged with any fees for this repayment.
  8. The contract can neither be terminated by us nor by you.
    The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected. We are entitled to extraordinary termination, if you (among other reasons) do not pay the fees despite a reminder and setting a deadline.